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Xenon (HID) Headlights

High-intensity discharge Xenon (HID) lights are about to be your car's best friend with their ability to produce 3 to 5 times more light all the while reducing power consumption.

Xenon (HID)
Xenon (HID)

Xenon (HID): More than just a bright idea


Discover the long-lasting, efficient and double-bright Xenon (HID) headlight by Champion®:
Less power needed with this bulb to produce a brighter light that naturally mimics sunlight.

Xenon (HID) bulb

When you increase brightness, you increase safety. The Champion® Xenon (HID) headlights are similar to daylight and thus really improve your field of view and visibility.

So obstacles, road markings and signs get quickly detected.

Because your safety is our main concern, driving at night or with limited visibility is now bound to become a wholly different experience thanks to the unleashed brightness of our Xenon (HID) Lights.

Not only do Xenon (HID) Lights give you the peace of mind you want, they also offer you a great performance for a long time. Headlights determine the field of view, visibility and road safety.
If you combine high performance with absolute reliability you get Champion® headlights. And since our bulbs are perfectly processed, they mean quality with a long lifetime.
This top of the line technology no longer needs to further assert its glowing reputation thanks to its 20+ years presence on the high-end market.

Today, join elite drivers and fit your headlamps with Champion® Xenon (HID) lights. Increase your field of view and visibility!





A wide and bright light that doesn’t interfere with upcoming traffic.


Lasting almost the lifetime of  your car.


Offering optimal driving comfort.

Range of Xenon (HID) headlamps for light vehicles



D3S/R Xenon




D3S/R Xenon




Category Voltage (V) Wattage (W) Scoket type (Cap) EAN Code Packaging units Champion ref. Installation spot
D1S/R 85 35 PK32d-2 4044197978694 1 CBI82X
D2S/R 85 35 P32d-2 4044197978335 1 CBI84X
D2R 85 35 P32d-3 4044197978953 1 CBI83X
D3S/R 42 35 PK32d-5 4044197978717 1 CBI86X
D4S/R 42 35 P32d-5 4044197978700 1 CBI87X