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Signaling & Interior Lighting

Signaling & Interior Ligths
Signaling & Interior Ligths

When quality takes the right turn


Miniature lights: Top quality and the greatest comfort lie in the details. 

Signaling & Interior

Down to the tiniest of your dashboard lights, the Champion® Signaling & Interior lights series will deliver quality and reliability at all times, for increased safety and total comfort.

Meet the complete range of miniature lighting bulbs by Champion® and discover the numerous ways it delivers top quality for all your car needs, from interior and convenience lighting (dashboard & trunk) to safety (fog & reversing) and turn signal lights.

Being seen is one of today's greatest way of preventing misfortune while driving. Miniature lightbulbs serve this purpose by increasing the variety of visible points on your vehicle.

They also improve your comfort both while driving and at a standstill with convenience and dashboard lighting. Discover the variety of our range and the numerous ways Champion® is about to increase your safety and comfort.
With front and rear fog lights, interior, trunk and licence plate lights, reversing and stop lights, and many more…

Champion® offers a comprehensive range of quality replacement lightbulbs. 



Great safety and comfort.


Reliable and affordable quality parts.


Complete range designed for all your car needs.


Discover more specs of our Signaling & Interior Lights!

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