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Signaling & Interior Lighting

The Champion® Signaling & Interior lights series for commercial vehicles will deliver quality and reliability at all times, for increased safety and total comfort, down to the tiniest of your dashboard lights.

Signaling & Interior Ligths
Signaling & Interior Ligths

Range of Signaling & Interior Lighting for commercial vehicles


The best of the world is hiding in the smallest things. 

Miniature Bulbs

There's a new range of tiny bulbs with massive power and highly-reliable quality that you'll need to discover very soon.
The miniature light bulbs by Champion® are about to deliver the greatest comfort possible, while also increasing your safety. 

How? With front and rear fog lights, interior, trunk and licence plate lights, reversing and stop lights, and many more… that's what  the new Champion® quality range of replacement bulbs has to offer. 

Additionally, miniature light bulbs will improve your comfort both while driving and at a standstill with convenience and dashboard lighting, while the glove compartment and trunk lighting will offer a sense of orientation. 




Safer and more comfortable.


Increased reliability of quality parts for a low selling price.


Entire set of bulbs specially designed for all your truck or bus needs.


Discover more specs of our Signaling & Interior Lights!

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