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Halogen Lights 

Give your commercial vehicle the best care. Fitted with Champion® Halogen Lights, your headlighting will know no bounds! 

Halogen Package
Halogen Package


Delivering reliable, consistent and powerful lighting will make you feel safe and secure at all times; 
thanks to our commercial vehicle range of quality Halogen lightbulbs, your headlighting is about to be true to its mission. 

H7 Halogen

Champion® Halogen bus & truck headlights will make the night and poor visbility pass almost unnoticed thanks to their exellent luminescence. Because the quality of your light bulbs determines the width of your vision, affects your visibility and how safe you are on the road, you want to know you can drive and have full confidence in them. 

Our halogen lights for commercial vehicles are the perfect union of excellence and reliability. And since our headlamps are properly processed, they also mean quality with a long lifetime.

The Halogen 24V lighting range brings excellent technology from top-quality, top of the line production of the range’s bulbs in order to complement the Champion® drive towards excellence.

Meet the range of halogen lighting, 100% tested, that will prove to be the ideal solution for your commercial vehicle, worldwide.



Solid engineering and top quality parts. 

Long lifetime

Very reliable for longer periods. 

Excellent visibility

Brighter light and warmer colors.


Discover more specs of our Halogen Headlights!

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